Alinea Computer: Power adapter for Subway USB cards released

Date 28-Jan-2023 19:00:34
Topic: hardware Classic

Alinea Computer is pleased to announce the final version of the new power adapter for the Subway USB and Subway 2021 USB card. First Prototypes were already presented at the Amiga 37. In the meantime the design was refined together with the Amiga community to ensure that all customer wishes could be taken into account.

The Subway Power Adapter is an extension for the Subway USB card series to provide USB devices with up to 800 mA of power. put. Power-hungry devices such as external 2.5 inch Hard disks can now be operated with it. In addition, the power adapter can for power problems, when operating many clock port devices, remedy create.

The adapter can be ordered directly from the Alinea Computer shop:

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