AmiFox Changes WWW Browsing for Amiga Users

Date 26-Feb-2023 18:30:07
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Hello. I am from Amitopia AmiDev Team together with alb42 and mcdope.

We have made AmiTube before that lets you browse and watch YouTube clips on 68k Amigas. This is done by using the Amiga CDXL video format.

However, now we go one step further. AmiFox is here! You can read more about it at Amitopia. But the most important info is that this is a WWW browser capable of showing CSS websites on any Amiga. But don't expect horsepowers on a 68000 Amiga. But it will work! Recommended is 68020+!

The purpose of AmiFox is to give 68k Amiga and PowerPC low-end users CSS, SSL, and Javascript browsing possible on 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040, 68060, PiStorm, and Vampire +++!
AmiFox is not an ordinary HTML/CSS browser but it requires a WRP Server to work.

The idea comes from AmiTube which many use today on their Classic Amiga home computers. The developers of AmiFox are now developing both the client and server to be optimal.

The extended Linux Server (that will be open source when done) sends images to the Amiga with hyperlinks that make you able to browse the web.

If you are interested in testing AmiFox. You must join our Discord server. Mention your Amiga specification, Download it, Test it, and Report back. We want the browser to be a great experience once the first public release is out.

AmiFox is developed by alb42 and mcdope. Amix is behind the idea, AmigaGuide and promoting it. I am sure that AmiFox will give new life to most Classic Amiga users.

Follow the news on Amitopia and on Alb42 Website

Amiga users deserve a better WWW Experience.

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