Update to AmigaOS Shareware Spreadsheet Program

Date 4-Oct-2003 5:06:11
Topic: Software News

StarAm Plan is an easy to use but powerful spreadsheet program.
It is shareware, not crippled.

Some features are:

- several sheets at one time in memory with different windows open
- commands to edit,e.g.: fill range, create series, change range by +-*/,
sort range, change row/column, powerfull cut/copy/paste, undo,
search&replace, drag&rop
- 121 stastistic, financial, mathem., date, time, boolean, text, format
and other functions to use in cells.
- user-defined functions, variables and cell-/rangenames
- A lot of formatsettings for cells, e.g.: alignment, suffix, prefix,
cell-type (text,number,date,time,percent,...), date/time-format,
protection, textstyle, borders, textcolor, decimals, sign, hide zero
- format-pattern and autoformat
- A lot of charts with a lot of settings, e.g.: 3d-bar, 3d-line, 3d-area,
errorbars, regression curves, logarithmic axis, polarcoordinates,
functionplotter, several charts in one system of coordinates
- in texts of worksheets and charts you can now use simple mathematical
expressions ("Formelsatz"): fraction, sub-/superscript, math. symbols
and greek letters, textstyles italic and bold
- Settings for screenmode, font, colors, icon, autosave, ...
- uses appicon, toolsmenu, appwindow, OS 3.0-look and AGA,
graphics accelerators, clipboard.device, public-screens,
xpk-libraries, memory pools, shared pens, amigaguide.library,
gadgethelp, ...
- most requesters are asynchron
- projects and 3D-worksheets
- localized, german, english and italian available
- a lot of more

Get it off Aminet!

StarAm_Plan.lha biz/misc 659K Spreadsheet, V2.22,OS 3.0+, 68000 CPU
StarAm_Plan881.lha biz/misc 654K Spreadsheet, V2.22,OS 3.0+, needs FPU

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