OS4 Roadshow: need backup CS PPC card for Syd, Bris

Date 6-Oct-2003 15:45:00
Topic: Events

Hi all,

I'm looking after the hardware for the Oz OS4 Roadshow. For Sydney and Brisbane, we're looking for a backup Cyberstorm PPC card for the demos.

We have a backup card for Sydney, but it can't go to Brissie and we need a backup in Brissie. I am looking for someone who would be prepared to lend me a CS PPC card for a few days to take to Brissie, or to have available in Brissie.

Best of all would be a complete machine in presentable condition that we could have as a standby. We would provide an HDD with the OS4 stuff on it, you would not have to alter your machine and we would even leave your HDD at home where it is safe.

So, if anyone could help, you'll earn about 3 days' worth of Eternal Gratitude.


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