Roadshow 1.15 released

Date 17-Feb-2024 20:48:22
Topic: software Classic

Slightly delayed by only 18 months (we are getting faster), the free Roadshow TCP/IP stack 1.15 update is now available to all customers.

This update is focused on improving installation and maintenance tasks, as well as making the installation documentation more useful and accessible. The single documentation file, still small in 2014, became increasingly unwieldy and has become a set of shorter files, each focused on one single aspect of Roadshow. By request, new documentation has been added which details all the files which will be installed for Roadshow.

The single installation script, which combined several tasks, became a set of scripts, each with its own task. The new update script will take care of upgrading an older Roadshow installation (versions 1.9-1.14) as well of upgrading a currently installed demo version to the commercial version.

New commands have been added to automatically find and install network device configuration files and fix errors & defects in the many configuration files Roadshow uses. You may no longer need to find and install the network device configuration files to match your network devices all by yourself.

By request, a "compact" Roadshow installation disk image (1.76 MByte high-density) is available for the first time, containing a "reduced" version of the full installation archive. The "compact" installation is restricted to software built for all Amigas (68000 CPU or better) and omits the large reference documentation.

As before, bug fixes and smaller enhancements have been made, which are detailed in the installation documentation. Some of the bugs resisted detection for more than 20 years... Starting with this Roadshow version, all the commands (in particular ftp, wget and tcpdump) consistently work under Kickstart 2.04, assuming that sufficient memory is available.

The new Roadshow software development kit (SDK), version 1.8, is also available for download. It contains much more example source code than before, including source code for all the new Roadshow commands. The vbcc compiler is fully supported for the first time and the existing gcc compiler support has been significantly improved.

Our thanks go to the beta testers and forum members who helped to make this update possible and to spark the ideas which led to the creation of the new Roadshow commands, the "compact" installation and the reworked installation documentation!

Roadshow ist available in three formats:

- As a digital download
- On USB card (FAT32-formatted medium)

The CD-ROM and USB card versions include a digital download for Roadshow.

If you already bought the digital download, you can upgrade to the CD ROM or the USB card version for 4,90 €, plus shipping, in our online shop.

If you bought the CD-ROM version, you can "upgrade" to the USB card version for 4,90 €, plus shipping, in our online shop. The same holds true if you bought the USB card version and wish to "upgrade" to the CD-ROM version.

Careful: In order to order an upgrade, you need to do so with the same online shop account which you previously bought Roadshow with.

Roadshow update:

To receive the free update from Roadshow, simply log into your account and download your personal roadshow archive there.
The archive contains the current full version and the update.

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