Issue 13 of WhatIFF? Amiga Guide Magazine is released !

Date 6-Apr-2024 15:21:18
Topic: News

Issue 13 is out now & download is available at Aminet and

xT Amiga 600 Turbo Card
Open Amiga Sampler
Apollo Computer V4+ Standalone
Aminet Goodies

Game Reviews:
Weasels Gaming Corner: Current Games
The Deep
Dice Masters

Game Graphics: What NOT to do
Making Modules 101 Part One
How to Get Better Samples
Creative Graphics: Easzy Aztec Graphics
Brilliance 101 Part 12 - Tokyo Bay Part 2
Creative Graphics: Fun With Smear

Completing Games at Long Last
Building a New Rejuvenator in 2024
Amiga Paradox of Choice
Amiga Through the Lens of LD Learner Part 2
Contributing article: Lessons from a 7Mhz CPU

Massimo Loi: NEONnoir
Simone Bevilacqua: RETREAM
8080: The Deep and Dice Masters
Willem Drijver: Apollo Robin Hood

Shell Talk
Invents Corner

Cover Disk:
The Deep
WHDLoad Torrent File

Andy Vaisey, Ivan Sorensen, John Scolieri, Kevin Saunders, Rob O'Malley,
and Timo Paul.

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