AmiKit 12.5 - big Spring Update

Date 26-Apr-2024 21:04:59
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Hello, fellow retro enthusiasts! We're delighted to unveil the AmiKit Spring Update, designed to bring a fresh wave of enhancements and features to your Amiga journey. This update introduces several notable improvements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all users.

On top of that, the PiStorm version now includes a groundbreaking addition - a WiFiPi driver - that's set to transform the way you experience networking on your Amiga. It harnesses the power of the Raspberry Pi's internal Wi-Fi module, rendering all those Amiga network cards obsolete in one fell swoop! Connecting your Amiga to Wi-Fi is now quick and easy, offering faster internet speeds than ever before.

This update also introduces several other notable improvements:

- New WinUAE/Amiberry/Emu68 Engine: Experience improved performance and compatibility with the latest engine, enhancing your OS & gaming experience.
- Dark Launcher Theme: Enjoy a new visual theme for your AmiKit launcher, adding a touch of modernity.
- Streamlined Startup-Sequence: We've fine-tuned the startup-sequence, making booting up your Amiga faster and smoother.
- SonosController App: Take advantage of the new SonosController app to remotely control your Sonos SoundSystem from your Amiga, adding convenience to your entertainment setup.
- New AmigaGPT: AI companion just got smarter! And now with an image generator feature!
- Fortified AmiSSL: Security matters, even in the retro realm. The enhanced AmiSSL protocol ensures that data transmission is more secure than before.
- HEIF Converter: Easily convert your phone photos to JPG or PNG formats with the HEIF Converter, simplifying image management tasks on your Amiga.
- New IsoMount: Benefit from expanded support for mounting IPF and DMS images alongside ADF and ISO files.
- Audio App Updates: Enjoy updates to popular audio apps like AmigaAMP, HippoPlayer, and Infinity Music Player, ensuring a better listening experience for your retro tunes.
- New Amiga Demos: Discover a selection of new Amiga demos to watch and enjoy, showcasing the creativity and talent of the Amiga community.

And much more! The complete AmiKit changelogs are here:

THREADS: @amikit_amiga

Have fun!
-- Jan, author

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