Unreal Tournament for the Amiga ?

Date 7-Oct-2003 22:41:42
Topic: Software News

AW.org has an interesting news item on their site about the possibility to port Unreal Tournament to the AmigaOS. Nothing has been decided yet, but the idea is there.

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f you didnt know. AW.org is now in good talks with Virgin and Hyperion. How it all ends, well. You will be able to find it out here.

AW.org is a magazine, and we asked for fun Virgin if there will be a Amiga version of Unreal Tournament. Yes! And we sent Virgin lots of screenshots of AmigaOS and more. Our first repply from Virgin was negative, wich also included info about the Linux version of Unreal Tournament.

Well, we at AW.org wrote back to Virgin, and told them lots about Hyperion, wich have been porting Shogo, Heretic 2, Freespace, Quake 2 and more for Amiga. Then Virgin suddendly changed their minds and said to AmigaWorld that if someone is willing to do a conversion of Unreal Tournament for Amiga (as they didnt have the resource to do it), why not...

So now its been all up to Hyperion if they have time to do a Unreal Tournament port for AmigaOS4. That should give AmigaOS4 lots of new users, and just because of the title also. Marketing is the key for Amiga!... Or?

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