AMIGAplus 10/2003: Netted

Date 10-Oct-2003 14:10:50
Topic: Announcement

The new MorphOS is on its traversing length - what comes along with version 1.4? Read the full review of MOS 1.4 and the following reports in the new issue 10/2003 (140) of AMIGAplus:

- Review: MorphOS 1.4
- Forreign terrain: WinUAE-workshop
- Ghostscript 8 on Amiga
- Special: Audio-CDs, part 1
- Interview: The Future of TurboPrint
- Review: MorphOS Superbundle
- Review: Hollywood and Malibu
- Review: Mitsumi Media Drive FA401
- Preview: Canon EOS 300D
- Workshop: Fan-controlling on Amiga 2000
- Amiga Status Report: Untruths
- Games Convention 2003 Report
- News from the Shareware-Szene
- News about WinUAE and Amithlon
- OS4-Highlight: Pagestream for AmigaOS 4
- Demoscene: Hot summer
- and much more

German amiga magazine AMIGAplus (68 pages, 4c) is available via direct order or subscription from publisher falkemedia for 5 Euro or through your local dealer on request.

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