Martin Galway releases new Audio CD "Project Galway"

Date 15-Oct-2003 10:51:06
Topic: Announcement

Martin Galway, the well known C64 musician, and author of more recent game tracks such as Freelancer, Ultima VII, Wing Commander 2 and 4 or Arkanoid, has released a new double audio CD.

The two CDs contain 34 C64 music pieces that had been recorded directly from Martin's own Commodore 64. You can find the CDs sold on fellow musician Bjorn Lynnes website.

The Track lists are:

01. Rambo Loader [mp3 clip]
02. Terra Cresta [mp3 clip]
03. Wizball Title [mp3 clip]
04. Green Beret Loader
05. Hyper Sports
06. Comic Bakery [mp3 clip]
07. Parallax Title
08. Arkanoid [mp3 clip]
09. Rambo Title
10. Wizball Bonus Level 1 [mp3 clip]
11. Helicopter Jagd
12. Green Beret Title
13. Yie Ar Kung Fu
14. Neverending Story
15. Street Hawk Prototype
16. Parallax High Score

Disc 2:

01. Ocean Loader v2
02. Yie Ar Kung Fu II
03. Miami Vice Title
04. Rambo In-game
05. Street Hawk Title
06. Wizball Bonus Level 2
07. Highlander
08. Microprose Soccer
09. Insects In Space
10. Short Circuit
11. Parallax Walkabout
12. Mikie
13. Game Over
14. Miami Vice In-game
15. Combat School
16. Wizball High Score
17. Street Hawk High Score
18. Rambo High Score

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