MicroA1 (AmigaOne Lite) boots Linux with 1066MHz G4 CPU

Date 24-Oct-2003 9:02:54
Topic: hardware OS4

Tomorrow the 25th of October the O.A.S.E. show will take place in Graz, Austria:

"The screenshots show it all. The AmigaOne Lite, now renamed to "MicroA1", arrived yesterday and we could successfully boot Linux on the 1.066MHz G4 driven board.

We have also several news on the OS4: The AmigaOne XE now runs a Radeon 7000 (and 7500) Picass96 driver and now also runs the 3com onboard ethernet and a SoundBlaster Live! driver with a native AmigaOS 4.0 version of AHI.

We are pushing hard to get OS 4.0 running on the MicroA1 until Saturday."

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