AmiZilla Welcomes Others To Browse For Cash

Date 30-Oct-2003 11:16:14
Topic: Announcement

Over the last several months since I started the AmiZilla Project I have heard a growing whisper to allow the funds to also be available to the programmers of IBrowse, Voyager & AWeb.

Most, like myself wish for a Mozilla or Firebird port to Amiga OS/MorphOS but a growing few do continue to express their love of the Amiga Browsers, which is understandable. So today unless the current donators to the AmiZilla Project mind I am extending the AmiZilla Initiative to also include IBrowse, Voyager & AWeb.

What this means is if the coders of these browsers update their programs to a functional comparable feature set of Mozilla 1.5 or FireBird they will win the AmiZilla contest and get the money. The programming teams will have to study the rich and extensive feature set of Mozilla or Firebird and update their browsers to something similar. Keep in mind that this is a contest so only the winner that crosses the finish line first wins.

I respect and commend the Amiga browser developers for all of their hard work over the years and hope this puts them on equal footing for a chance to win the over $4100 that has already been collected for AmiZilla. The requirements will stay the same as far as making it available for Amiga, MorphOS, AROS, Amiga Forever, WinUAE Etc.

Keep in mind teams have already been working hard part time to port Mozilla so keep the funds coming in to motivate these teams to bring this project to completion so that other new projects can be started like updating the Video Toaster Flyer source code. The new players in this contest (IBrowse, Voyager & AWeb) will also want incentive to update and extend their applications. The money already collected is a good start but may not be enough to get the teams to spend as much time on the AmiZilla Project as they normally would with a much large pot of funds to win.

Current Booty: $4159.40

Mailinglist now has over 220 members and over 330 messages, most are about programming and porting Mozilla.

AmiZilla website has gotten over 2 million hits since appearing on the famous unix geek website slashdot.

AmiZilla continues to gather positive press for the Amiga and MorphOS by being covered on mainstream websites like CNET's, and many others.

Keep in mind that the AmiZilla Project needs you to be successful. The booty is now over $4150, which is a impressive amount of money for an Amiga project. If only one programmer was working on the port this would be a nice reward. However several programmers are working together. Once the money is split among coders the booty is not big enough. Please contribute if you can, every dollar helps motivate programmers to make the AmiZilla Project a success. After the release of AmiZilla more projects are being developed like Hot CoCo (JVM) and F Gordon (Flash). The development and launch of these add-ons to AmiZilla depend on the success of that project. Paypal donations can be sent in via this weblink.

Best regards

Bill Panagouleas

About AmiZilla

The goal of the AmiZilla effort is to raise such an obscene/huge amount of money to give away to the first programmer/team that can port Mozilla to Amiga/Compatible systems that programmers will be falling over themselves getting this application coded in record time. Project now welcomes the programming teams of IBrowse, Voyager and AWeb to join the contest.

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