See Alan's sheets from 1st presentation in China

Date 3-Nov-2003 11:32:08
Topic: Internet News

As many of you might know Alan Redhouse went over to China (Feb 2003) a while back to hold a presentation for some official representatives there. AmigaWorld member Eric_Z found Alan's presentation sheets at a Chinese website!

Now while searching the web looking for some information on the Articia Pi and Articia Pe,
that I found mentioned when googling for information on who else then Eyetech used the ArticiaS chipset, I allso stumbeled across this. Which is a summary page for the IBM, MAI Logic, Atumtech and Eyetech (phew that was long) meeting in China and more importantly a page that has got all of the presentations from that forum ready for download.

Download Alan's presentation (PowerPoint).

On a sidenote I found two companies who currently are using the ArticiaS in there products( Besides Topshine and Eyetech).

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