New dealer in Denmark.

Date 8-Nov-2003 22:36:59
Topic: Announcement

Justin Veggerby Kristensen also known as "Juzz" here on this site and several others is starting up as an AmigaOne dealer.

The main focus will be AmigaOnes and related hardware - a lot of work is being done to get the web page showing more "life" than it is now and there's even a new design coming up.

Though focus will be on AmigaOne other hardware will also be available for purchase once the web site has been updated to handle all product groups.

For now orders and info is handled through email:

The website is located at:

Currently the website can deal with two different languages, english and danish. The language is currently determined by what the browser is set for, but if you use AWeb you will autmatically get the danish version (since AWeb has no prefs setting for languages).

All comments and questions are welcome - just use the email above to get in contact with Justin.

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