SFS 1.212 released

Date 11-Nov-2003 0:06:46
Topic: Software News

A new release for the replacement FileSystem SFS has been made.

Changes since v1.195 include:

New default of entries in ".recycled" dir is 350! (was 35)

  • Fixed another old "findbnode() can't find key ..." bug in the defragmenter.
  • Formatting a partition didn't reset all variables, fixed.
  • Fixed some more removable disk bugs.
  • Optimized 'safe writing'.
  • Fixed some bugs in the removeable disk code.
  • Now uses pools for small allocations.
  • Better fragmentation prevention.
  • Improved defragmenter.
  • Found and fixed a major bug in the removable code.
  • Fixed an enforcer hit.
  • SFS now sets the time if there is no working battery clock.
  • Recompiled PPC version with my ppc-amigaos-gcc.

  • Changes for OS4 PPC.
  • Increased supported path size from 520 to 8192 chars, no longer trashes own structures if a path is longer as the supported size.
  • Enforcer-hits for bad notification paths removed.
  • Workaround for a bug in IDEFix added.
  • Fixed a bug in the mask handling.
  • Max. number of entries in ".recycled" dir is now configurable: #define ASS_MAX_RECYCLED_ENTRIES (ASSBASE+6001) #define ASQ_MAX_RECYCLED_ENTRIES (ASQBASE+6001) Min. 35, max. 3500, new default 350 (was 35).
  • ROVING_SMALL_WRITE and ROVING_RESERVED_SPACE increased from 8 to 64 KB.
  • Formating and serialize_disk is now refused if the partition is not inhibited.
  • Support for write protected media added.
  • Support for removable media improved.
  • Fixed a bug in ACTION_INFO.
  • Improved multithreading.

  • Fixed a multithreading startup bug (volumenode dn_Task was wrong).
  • Improved multithreading for partitions with "recycled" dir.

  • Changed reserved admin blocks to 1%.
  • Workaround for the "partition too full to delete something" bug added.
  • Support for removable media improved.
  • Minimal multithreading added.

You can find the latest version on Aminet or download direct here.

Edit: Seems the uk http site frontend is down atm, so I have ammended the link to point to the us one.

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