AMIGAplus 11/2003 (#141): Amiga is printing

Date 14-Nov-2003 23:03:14
Topic: Announcement

AMIGAplus #141 is out now with its "TurboPrint and printers" special and can noe be ordered from the publisher falkemedia.

Content: TP 7.5 Review, delfina flipper edition Review, AMIGAplus CD-ROM #24 (OCTAN-XL Video etc.), 4 printers reviewed + printer news, Emu-Corner: WinUAE Filter-Special, 16 Shareware-highlights, Interview with bplan GmbH, Status Report: Hunt for Blue October, Interview with Michael Labiner, AMIGAplus on Tour (reports from OASE 2003 and BAPS 2003), Ghostscript 8 workshop (part 2), News from the Amiga market, Demoscene-report (Scene for Newbies) and much more.

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