Ottawa Amiga Show Update

Date 16-Nov-2003 17:10:52
Topic: Events

There is a small update with regard to the Amiga show to be held in Ottawa Canada upcoming Saturday.

Genesi USA will be attending with Kermit Woodall (of Nova Design/ImageFX fame) onhand with a Pegasos w/MorphOS to show, and have donated a copy of Aladdin 4D (Retail Value $360CND) as a raffle prize.

ACK Software Controls togeather with Livewire Systems have upgraded the raffle prize from a AmigaOne G4XE mainboard to a AmigaOne G4XE DIY kit including the AmigaOne G4XE mainboard, 256 Megs of PC133 ECC Registered ram, UDMA HD cable, and a configured 40 gig hard disk with PPC linux preinstalled with UAE - a value of over $1400CND!

Tickets for the raffle will *only* be available at the show and the raffle will held and the prize awarded at the post-show supper.

Those of you who are coming into Ottawa, or live here, there will be a brunch at 10:00am Sunday at Patty Bolands (101 Clarence, in the Market), email for more details.

Routhier Centre
172 Guigues Street, Main floor
Need directions? Here

November 22, 2003. Doors open to the public at 11:00am, and the show ends at 4:00pm, followed by supper and the raffle draw at the Royal Oak.

See you all at the show!



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