ImageFX 4.5 Studio Now Available

Date 12-Dec-2003 1:28:13
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ImageFX 4.5 Studio Now Available

For Immediate Release...

Contact: Bob Fisher, Nova Design, Inc.

Nova Design, Inc., leaders in graphics software for the Amiga for over ten years, announced the new release of ImageFX 4.5 Studio for the Amiga and Pegasos platforms.

ImageFX 4.5 Studio is an all-in-one release of ImageFX 4.0, 4.5, PowerStation and numerous other upgrades to make a the Amiga's most comprehensive image editing and special effects package even more complete than ever.

What's new in 4.5 Studio?

In ImageFX 4.5 we introduced a completely new animation system that added a whole new suite of pre-rendered effects faster than anything else around has today. This new system is called the the Keyframe Manager. It can load GIF animations, ANIMS, AnimBrushes, and sequences of frames in many formats and animate them onto your video and animation sequences directly. But that's not all, you can also:

. Keyframe the animation to follow any path over your entire animation . Keyframe one point, two points or up to four points . Manipulate keyframes directly on the preview screen or input exact coordinates . Apply one of four types of motion blurring . Use any drawing mode, style or edge controls . Preview the animation in wireframe in real-time . Load and save projects . Use Keyframes with your own ARexx EOT scripts (samples supplied) . Call any ARexx effect or learned script on every frame

PowerStation has also now been included and upgraded over previous releases. PowerStation is a package of ImageFX modules designed to work directly with the PowerPC natively. This speeds up the specific modules ten times or more the speed of the same module running on a native 68060 processor. In many cases the effects become nearly real-time!

. Liquid - distorts your image as if it were on water . Fire - adds animatable fire on your image . Clouds - multilayer clouds and fog . Bubble - champagne bubbles and more . JPEG Loader/Saver - load and save JPEG images FAST! . Gaussian Blur - our famous blur - now really really fast . Lightning - Realistic lightning or Hollywood effect . FXForge - uses Photoshop Filter Factory formulas for hundreds of effects

MorphOS Compatibility

We've made ImageFX fully compatible with MorphOS. All the PowerStation modules work natively - at speeds far faster than previously possible under Cyberstorm or Blizzard PPC cards. We also have MorphOS 32bit icons courtesy of Andre Siegel!

You'll also find our entire web site and ftp site on the CD as well to save you download time and give you direct access to our newsletters on the disc.

Upgrade Pricing

Here's the best part - the upgrade is only a low $39.95 for owners of ImageFX 4.x. If you own ImageFX 3.x the upgrade to the latest release is only $59.95. ImageFX 2.x owners can upgrade right through and get the latest for only $79.95. Amazing!

If you wish to order directly you can call 1-800-IMAGE-69 or (804) 282-1157, or fax your order to (804) 282-3768 or just mail it to Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 204, Richmond, VA 23230 USA

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