Amiga games for N-gage?

Date 18-Dec-2003 14:13:44
Topic: Miscellaneous News (former Amitopia) Magazine has started a project, getting Amiga games for this new handheld device from Nokia.

We do this, because Nokia is strong in Europe, so is Amiga, and if we can work out something tougether, it would give both something. With AmigaOS v4.0 nearing its release day by day, Amiga games for N-Gage could have AmigaOS v4.0 promotions and more. Giving Nokia N-Gage people and others a sign that Amiga is alive. Because we have to start the marketing somewhere, then this is a great way to start it all... Or?

This new handheld device from Nokia is not just a gaming console, it also have video player, mp3 player, FM tuner and a suberb OS,... The SymbianOS

So, now its time for you to vote on what sort of Amiga gaming packs you would have:

#1: Amiga Gaming Alien pack, All of the Alien Breed games
#2: Amiga Gaming Fun pack, All of the platform games, like Superfrog, Zool, Giana Sisters +++
#3: Amiga Gaming Racing pack, Lotus Triology, OutRun, Stuntcar Racer, Skidmarks etc+++

Please vote, and check out
from 03.01.2004 for updates.

Vote, so we know whats popular to get first for N-Gage, ... You vote for everyone of the packs, with the first pack wich you think is the best as the first one, like this:


That means that #2 have highest priority, then #3 and then #1

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Your comments for what sort of Amiga games should be, and more will also be posted on


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