New Jamiga Version (alpha 0.0.2)

Date 20-Feb-2004 11:11:45
Topic: Software News

Alpha 0.0.2 of Jamiga brings in JIT and JNetworking...

*** JIT ***
JIT now also works on "real world" 68040/68060 Amigas

Networking has been implemented (again)

Don't throw Tomcat at it just yet, JAmiga still lacks the required classloading mechanism, but some included small classes work well here.
Try for example

JAmiga TestSocket

it should return the content of the webserver root file on

Networking currently does NOT support UDP Sockets and the NetworkInterface class! Using these will throw exceptions

*** BUG FIXES ***
* The JIT Problem has been fixed (see above)

* An ugly bug in the UTF8 - UTF16 conversion has been fixed which was the reason for many memory-problems

*Networking now works in connection with multiple threads
Try JAmiga TestServerSocket 10000 5
This will wait until 5 clients have connected to the local port 10000

*** AWT ***
very little has been done on AWT, but the TestFrame class now Resizes the open window

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