GoldED Studio AIX editor updated

Date 22-Feb-2004 0:51:39
Topic: Software News

Trial versions of the new SP15 release can be downloaded on the GoldED web site (servicepacks for registered users will appear over the weekend, including updates for microgolded). The complete trial includes a preconfigured C/C++ development environment with popular free Amiga compilers: gcc for AmigaOS, gcc for MorphOS and vbcc. The small trial is optimized for downloading. More news and download link:


+ gcc installations now have a "shared" gg tree for user-installed files which will not be affected by compiler upgrades
+ updated/more gcc packages (less, perl, ...)
+ option to disable internal font dialog to enforce use of system fonts
+ option to set user interface metrics automatically
+ microgolded integrated (single-file emergency editor)
+ configurable list of most recently used files in menu
+ all standard requesters can be switched from reqtools to asl: font, screenmode, files, string requester
+ improved XPK handling (now a per-file setting in the property dialog of a document; saving a file preserves encryption, password and compression)
+ improved font handling
+ installation optimized for downloading
+ first-steps button after installation to get people started with gcc
+ bugfixes

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