SWAUG Opens New Forum

Date 6-Mar-2004 23:50:37
Topic: Announcement

SWAUG, an active User Group for the South Wales area invites everybody to take a look at their new Internet Forum.

Previously SWAUG made use of a YahooGroups type forum for group related chat, but has now moved over to a dedicated forum which integrates much better with the SWAUG website.
We all hope that the new SWAUG forum will serve as a positive addition to the SWAUG website, which is already establishing itself as an excellent online Amiga Resource.

The forum is of course in early days at the moment, having only been opened to the public earlier today; however we would welcome visitors from all around the globe, so please feel free to come and visit SWAUG's website (which is currently being extensively updated) and our new forum.



Best Regards

The South Wales Amiga Usergroup

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