The Garry Hare Story

Date 16-Mar-2004 11:31:42
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Who is Garry Hare? Want to find out more?

Well here are some links and comments for your edification...

Garry Hare at Atari ( 1986 ) Ballblazer game. ( You need to google search for that and click on the cached version, I couldnt get to the main atariage site ).

Programmer and support at Luminara and Lucasarts:,23416/

Founder and president of Fathom Pictures ( Interactive Multimedia Software ).

Google Cache link ( most info )

His name misspelt on the PlayOnDemand site as Executive VP to Broadband Content Into Networks Inc:

More as I find them, will be added. Seems hes been into some cool stuff! In fact the Fathom Pictures links go on for pages.

Garry Hare also was President and COO of and the founding MD of Phillips Media Europe! Looks like Fathom have something to do with the CD-i. Looks like he has been into the same kind of things that Amiga was known for ( multimedia, games ).

OZ was into the same stuff ( interactive ) it seems but I dont have macromedia flash player to find out more There is an which deals in instant messaging and J2ME based stuff and they have a deal with T-Mobile. They have offices in the UK, Canada and Iceland so maybe Sibbi can send them a Pizza

( Edit, vaguely chronological order now )

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