Exclusive! AmiGBG 2004 live! on AW MP3 Radio

Date 3-Apr-2004 7:51:50
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

AmigaWorld Radio and AmiGBG Presents...
Live! Music, Interviews and round ups throughout the event from
AmiGBG 2004 Gothenburg Sweden

Saturday from 9:50 PM to 16:00 PM UK Time (GMT+1)
New York starts 4:50 AM - Paris starts 10:50 AM - Sydney starts 19:50 PM

( Now over - thanks for listening! )

More Info follows.......

Opening Speech Starts 11:00 UK TIME (GMT+1)

1st Presentation Starts a short while later.
1st Universal Space
2nd AROS
3rd Cloanto
4th Individual Computers
5th IBM
6th Eyetech
7th Competition Winners
8th Hyperion
9th Individual Computers (once again)

Additionally, Amigaworld Radio will be hosting Q&A sessions with Leading Amiga People, who will be answering questions submitted via our IRC channel, #Amigaworld.

We now have the capacity for 300 listeners using two servers

Server 1: http://server1.amigaworld.net:8000/listen.pls
Server 2: http://server2.amigaworld.net:8000/listen.pls

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