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Date 24-Apr-2004 22:46:07
Topic: News

As at 25 April, the AmigaShare website has been released to a select number of Amigans for testing the Phase I functionality.

The test period will conclude on 30 April. Then, on 1 May, the site will have its official release to the entire community. Meanwhile, AmigaShare is now available for all to view in a 'limited functionality and access' mode.

"We are excited by what we are hearing within the Amiga community and the positive emails we have received. It?s obvious everyone understands what we are trying to achieve and our focus on the new OS4 technology. Mostly, we are looking forward to getting feedback on the website itself and using this phase I to set the direction for its evolution. So, please come visit us soon.", says Chris Nillissen, co-founder of


The AmigaShare Team

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