IBM confirms POWER5 server release details

Date 4-May-2004 10:16:05
Topic: Internet News

This, claims IBM, is the most powerful 64-bit chip ever built, and is capable of running multiple OSes including AIX, Linux, Windows and i5/OS simultaneously.
The machines will also use IBM's "virtualisation" technology which it announced last week.
The chips also allow simultaneous multithreading. It is releasing a number of servers using the POWER5 including ones for small to medium sized businesses - the i5 520, which will cost $11,500 when it becomes available.
- The Inquirer.

PS; It?s interesting to see that IBM is supporting MS Windows on Power5 (so much for Microsoft free environment). I assumed $11500 is in USD. Note that; such virtualization server services would be similar to VMWARE's GSX Server.


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