TTEngine (6.6) released for AmigaOS/MorphOS

Date 5-May-2004 12:47:48
Topic: Software News

TTEngine is an AmigaOS library (named ttengine.library) for rendering high quality text using TrueType fonts. TTEngine is based on FreeType2 project. It is not a plain straightforward FreeType port however. TTEngine has many additional functionality implemented.

Changes since v6.5:
  • Bugfix: COMPLEMENT draw mode with antialiased fonts no more leaves trashes when done twice at the same place. It allows for using COMPLEMENT mode as an easy way to make moving text brushes. Works as well combined with INVERSVID and transparency. Bug reported by Marcin Kwiatkowski.
  • Bugfix: Missing render mode initialization in TT_TextExtent(). Glyph bitmaps were not cached if TT_TextExtent() was called before any TT_Text() or TT_TextLegnth() on this rastport. It caused significant slowdown of TT_TextExtent(). Bug reported by Darius Brewka.
  • Bugfix: If temporary RastPort was used with NULL BitMap, this NULL pointer was passed to GetCyberMapAttr(). It might lead to Enforcer read hits. Now if RastPort's BitMap is NULL, antialiased render mode is assumed and GetCyberMapAttr() is not called.
  • Fixed "DetachedRastPort" example code to work on RGB screens. Color 1 in colormap of a window opened on Workbench is usually black. Rendering black text on black (BMF_CLEAR) bitmap usually results just in black window contents... Changed text color to 2 (usually white). Why it worked on planar or LUT bitmaps? Clearing such bitmap does not clear to black but to background color (gray on most setups).

You can find out about the TTEngine development on its website.

TTEngine v6.6 archives can be found here (514KB Lha)

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