AmigaAMP (2.12) released

Date 21-May-2004 13:20:35
Topic: Software News

Thomas Wenzel has released another update to his hugely popular PPC MP3 player AmigaAMP. On his site he writes:

I'm almost certain that I've forgotten to fix some of the known bugs but I'm also certain that I've finally fixed some of them! :))

Some WSZ skin files have their images stored in a subdirectory rather than the top level. This is now supported. Newer versions of ID3v2 tags still can't be read but at least they don't prevent AmigaAMP from loading the classic ID3v1 tags any more.

If you've got questions please use the discussion board first. I will check it regularly.

Click link to download AmigaAMP 2.12 (539KB LHa)
Visit the AmigaAMP website for the latest details.

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