VirusZ (1.01) released

Date 4-Jun-2004 22:06:47
Topic: Software News

Georg Hörmann has recently released a small update to his Virus Checker - VirusZ III. He asks urgently for feedback from VirusZ users, in order to learn how and whether his software has been used in the last 13 years.

Changes since the last release:
  • Fixed bug in Bootblock Lab which caused "Write" and "Install" to end up in a disk i/o error if "Ask Before Write Access" option was enabled. Thanks to Ronald Schakelaar for the bug report.

  • Fixed password handling for encrypted archives: a correct password has already been remembered for all files before, but cancelling the password requester because you don't know the correct password would have caused new requesters for *all* files in the encrypted archive. Now VirusZ also remembers the cancelling and will simply report all following files as encrypted. Thanks to Thomas Tavoly for reporting this problem.

  • Fixed bug that appeared after a sector check when checking disks that have the same name as their device (eg. disk labeled 'DF0' in device DF0:). Inhibit() is in fact a very simple DOS function that easily gets confused, so I added a little workaround for this problem. Thanks to Thomas Tavoly for the report and beta-testing.

  • Added lots of snapshots sent by Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer and Andreas Kürzinger. Thanks guys.

  • Fixed bug in code calling disassembler.library: the library might have been opened several times but closed only once. Thanks to Michel 'DMX' meijer for the report.

  • Fixed bug in preferences loader: the 'Display SegTracker Info If Available' options got switched off every time you (re)loaded the settings. Thanks again to Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer for this report.

  • Changed distribution from FREEWARE to MAILWARE as I need feedback for further development. Currently I have no idea at all how many active users are still out there...

  • Download VirusZ III (102,890 bytes LHA)
    Visit the Denmark Virus Help Team Website for more information.

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