New URL for nbache's website + new AmiGBG pics

Date 15-Jun-2004 22:21:33
Topic: Events

In case anybody has noticed, my site with pictures from various Amiga shows has been unreachable for some time.

I have now found a more permanent home for it, and also taken the opportunity to buy my own domain name, so the URL will be even more permanent.

Plain and simple, no?

(You can add the three w's if you absolutely must, it works with or without them ).

And to celebrate the new URL and site, and just in time for this weekend's Swedish parties, I have also finally added a section with my pictures from AmiGBG 2004. Link at the bottom of the main page.

NOTE: For the time being, the server I'm on is somewhat low on bandwidth. Please have patience; don't all come rushing in at the same time and expect wonders. Things are supposed to improve later on, I'm told by my friendly sysadmin.

Now enjoy!


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