Magnetic Systems summer sale

Date 22-Jun-2004 15:18:45
Topic: Announcement

Summer is upon us - time to upgrade and have fun with your Amiga - So here is our Summer Sale:

Magnetic Systems
New York

For Sale :

Warp Engine 4040 040@40mhz w/64mb RAM and Fast SCSI 2 (10mb/sec) for A4000 4000T, 3000T. In original box with org disks and manuals.. $250

Amiga 4000 Desktop 040@25 18mb ram, HD, keyboard, mouse, extras $400

Video Toaster 2000 computer - New Tek Video Toaster, TBC IV time based corrector, expansion, Toaster 4.2 - $450

Y/c Plus ycp100 SVHS EXpansion card for Amiga Video Toaster or Flyer - gives your Toaster SVIDEO in and out w/ Farajouda labs comb filter: $250

Firecracker 24 graphics card for Amiga 2k,3k,4k - 24 bit framebuffer/display broadcast quality rgb gfx: $60

DCTV VideoFramegrabber/18bit Display unit for All Amigas $50

Commodore A2065 Ethernet Card w/Miami DX - get your Amiga on DSl/Cable modem! Network to Pcs and Macs! $75

Ariadne 1 Ethernet Card w/10baseT 10base2 and extra Amiga Parallel ports $90

New Tek Video Toaster 4000 board with Original like new Video Toaster 4000 disks : $250

DPS TBC IV time based corrector/frame grabber/proc amp for PC/Amiga with manual and software : $200

Amiga 500 with 2 joysticks, 2.04 Rom and games: $100

Amiga 2000 Computer w/030/SCSI/8mb Ram $200

CD32 in original box almost new w/controller and 3 games $150

Amiga 1200 HD in original CBM Box with psu+mouse/ Toshiba hd, GVP DSS 8 sound sampler and more: $250

GVP G-Loc Genlock - Like New in Original Box - SVHS and Composite in/out - acts as video switcher and audio mixer as well works with Scala: $150

8up! 8mb Ram expansion for A2000/3000 $40

Macrosystems VlabMotion and Toccata cards - Give your Amiga Non Linear Digital Editing capability and 16bit sound without TBC! Works with SCSI drives - 4gb SCSI = 1 hr video! With manual and latest software: $350

New Tek Video Toaster Flyer card w/Octopus Cable and 4.2 software $ 500

Commodore 1084S monitor w/cable for all Amigas + Toaster $75

Amiga 2000 Power Supply $35

Amiga 3000T Power Supply: $75

Amiga 4000D Power Supply: $60

Buster 11 chip for A3k/A4k : $40

Epson 24bit flatbed Scanner for Amiga - Epson 1200C (SCSI)
Works with Image Fx : $50

Amiga "Crystal" Trackball - lights up when touched - $40

Amiga CD32 competition Pro Joystick like new: $35

We also have tons of Games in boxes and Original Productivity software for Amiga and Toaster just email what you need...


so if you need yours fix just email!

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