Tales of Tamar New Amiga Version V0.52 R1

Date 27-Jun-2004 14:00:13
Topic: Software News

Hello dear players,

finally, a new Amiga version can be released. Due to the current tester situation, it took a little longer.

Always make a backup of all data. If you don't make a backup, it's your own fault if you lose data. We ave, as always, tried to find all problems, but you can ever be sure.

New features & bugfixes:
- yet to be translated

Tearing down buildings

Probably the most important new function. Please note that due to an earlier problem, two buildings in you capital may be lost. Those are the town hall and the tavern. Both buildings must be rebuilt by you, in case they disappear.

Since most old players are bigger by now, this shouldn't be too big of a problem.

Giving an receiving land

Using a scout, you can now give land and towns to other players. Your scout has to be on the hex in question and get the order "offer". The scout of the receiving player has to be at the same spot and get the order "accept".

If both player get these order in the same turn, the land in question will change owner.

If a third scout is present and also receives the order to "accept", not transfer will take place, that way you can block a transfer.

The peaceful transfer does NOT modify confidence.

Trade offices

In every town, you can now have up to 20 trade offices. The extend the granary capacity and will serve a storage room for goods in the future. At the beginning, each realm can store up to 50.000 units of goods. Each trade office extends the capacity by 100.000 units.

The storage limit is not active yet.

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We hope you enjoy this new version.
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