AmigaOne Productions Videos back online

Date 28-Jun-2004 19:10:55
Topic: Announcement

On 22nd June 2004 we had a server error which had the unfortunate effect of deleting ALL of our online videos, (The media folder just vanished into thin air!). No-one here deleted it, and apparently, neither did our ISP.

Read more for details and a call for help regarding two lost videos!

It has taken a full week to recompile and re-upload everything, (Uploading 3Gigabytes at 25K a second does take a little while !) The good news is that all the files that were in our backup archive have now been restored.

Unfortunately we did not have a backup of just two videos, so if anyone has a copy of any of these that they would be prepared to upload, please let us know:

1) Video of the AmigaOS4 / MicroA1 demo on the Turkish Technology Channel

2) OS4 Installation demo from the ANT Meeting of February 2004

Thanks for your support !

Paul Townsend
AmigaOne Productions

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