SmartFileSystem (1.227) released

Date 18-Jul-2004 19:38:30
Topic: Software News

The latest version of the atomic filesystem SmartFileSystem (SFS) has been released today.

Changes since v1.212 include:

  • More ACTION_SET_FILESIZE changes.
  • ACTION_ADD_NOTIFY now returns ERROR_BAD_NUMBER if the notification is neither a NRF_SEND_MESSAGE nor a NRF_SEND_SIGNAL notification.
  • Finally checks for and disables RDB partitions on removable media abuse.

  • Fixed a bug in the 1.219 ACTION_SET_FILESIZE changes.

  • Fixed potential problem with the improved transaction failure block.
  • Fixed a bug in the ':' removal, trying to access "abc:def:ghi" now returns an error instead of accessing "abc:ghi", reported by Mario Cattaneo.

  • ACTION_SET_FILESIZE now works as in RAM-handler, old FFS and as documented in the dos autodoc, it doesn't mess around with the file offset in other locks anymore but enlarges the requested size if required.

  • No longer uses MEMF_PUBLIC for buffers.

  • Changed some Defragmeter parameters to speed it up on slow CPUs.
  • Bug in the defragmenter fixed!

  • Fixed enforcer hit when trying to delete something from an empty .recycled dir, reported by Detlef Würkner.

You can find the latest release on Aminet here.

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