Amiga Spectrum Emulator (ASp) new release.

Date 28-Jul-2004 15:39:00
Topic: Software News

After a two-year wait, the new version 0.84 of ASp is now available from The author's homepage

ASp is a freeware system-friendly emulator of the Sinclair Spectrum 48K, 128K and Plus 2 computers. It is easy to use and can run full-screen or in a window.

Key new features for this release is the use of AHI for sound and (limited) operation without mmu.library. This means it now works, in 48K mode only, on OS4, UAE and (probably) MOS. Classic 68K-based Amigas get full 128K features.

It is hoped the next release will offer 128K for OS4/UAE/MOS.

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