Petition started: PapyrusOffice for AmigaOS4.0

Date 9-Aug-2004 20:23:47
Topic: Miscellaneous News

As you can read on (in German) I started a petition to help bring PapyrusOffice to AmigaOS4.0 today.

Sooo: If you are a AmigaOne-User and will defenitely buy such a version, please send a short mail to: I will collect all names/adresses and send them together with a friendly Email to Michael Garlich. As i work as journalist I interviewed Mr. Garlich a few times before and know him as a very competent and reasonable person . Maybe this "list" will motivate him to think about an AOS4.0-version of "Papyrus Office". Lets give a try!

Thank you for your help!

Anton Preinsack

P.S. Sorry fo my English

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