Order software from DiscreetFX and win a free SGI system

Date 25-Aug-2004 13:16:37
Topic: Announcement

Any order placed in Aug and Sept 2004 for DiscreetFX software gets entered into a drawing to win a free SGI O2 system. This system was used to develop the Video Toaster [2], VT[3] & Amiga Video Toaster Flyer version of Spontaneous Combustion. This system includes video/audio in/out so it can be an input or output to the SX-8 on your VT[3]! More information about the SGI O2 can be found here.

This system sold for well over $5000 new and cost DiscreetFX almost $4000. Enjoy a piece of computer history and experience the fun excitement of having a real SGI in your studio. System has Irix 6.4 already installed and is ready to capture video/audio. System includes SCSI hard drive, RAM, CD-ROM drive, mouse, keyboard and everything needed to boot and run. You have to supply your own monitor but it will work with any modern PC monitor or HDTV.

Many open-source and freeware graphics tools exist for SGI



There is even a version of Photoshop, & Illustrator for it.

Pictures of the computer you can win will be on the DiscreetFX website in a few hours and the contest winner will be announced at the end of September. The winner of this system will get to enjoy a piece of DiscreetFX history and can even have the system signed by DiscreetFx staff if they want. Please call if you have any questions.

Best regards

Bill Panagouleas

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