New Amiblitz (2.42) released

Date 6-Sep-2004 18:55:00
Topic: Software News

An improved AmiBlitz2 distribution is now available for download. Because of the large number of changes made, and their increased size, an update archive for installing over an earlier distribution doesn't make sense anymore. Update archives will however be available with the next version.

Unfortunately, many things were missing in the last distribution. Thanks to Marco Möring aka Blackbird without whom the bugs and incompleteness of that distribution would probably never have been noticed. Next to Marco my thanks go to his wife Margit Möring. Together we three translated further guides into German. Thanks go of course to Bernd Rösch and Thilo Köhler who worked without a break on the future of AmiBlitz2.

  • Much improved install/deinstall scripts.
  • After the installation are all settings immediately available.
  • After the deinstallation is the archive in its original condition and can be installed again in the particular version.
  • New Ped.prefs for the NEWCOLORMODE. Important: works only in screenmodes with 8/16 colours.
  • More German translation of AcidGuides.
  • Two versions of all (English/German).
  • Further includes by Thilo Köhler.
  • New
  • Many errors removed.
  • Contains now many missing components, e.g. MUI2.res.

Download AmiBlitz 2.42 (5.8MB LHA - English/German)

For more information, visit the official Website. (German Language only atm - Translation tools needed for other languages)

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