Freescale to demo seven processors at confab

Date 28-Sep-2004 0:35:09
Topic: Hardware News

Acording to this EE Times article, Freescale (ex Motorola Semiconductor) will demo seven new processors at this years confab.

Highlights include that all the seven new processors share a common design methodology and are all produced in a 90-nanometer SOI process technology.

On show will be the dual core e600 (MPC8641D) and single-core MPC8641. The e600 will have a integrated system controller, the 8641D model will sport two 1-Mbyte Level 2 caches and dual AltiVec vector-processing engines.

Allso on show will be the 7448, an upgraded version of the 7447A.

The 7448 will sample in the first half, with PowerQuicc members slated for the second quarter, and the single- and dual-core 8641s will sample in the second half of 2005

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