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Hardware News   Hardware News : Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
   posted by Eric_S on 27-Sep-2004 21:40:10 (2563 reads)
Acording to this EE Times article, Freescale (ex Motorola Semiconductor) will demo seven new processors at this years confab.

Highlights include that all the seven new processors share a common design methodology and are all produced in a 90-nanometer SOI process technology.

On show will be the dual core e600 (MPC8641D) and single-core MPC8641. The e600 will have a integrated system controller, the 8641D model will sport two 1-Mbyte Level 2 caches and dual AltiVec vector-processing engines.

Allso on show will be the 7448, an upgraded version of the 7447A.

The 7448 will sample in the first half, with PowerQuicc members slated for the second quarter, and the single- and dual-core 8641s will sample in the second half of 2005

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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 28-Sep-2004 12:37:54
#1 ]
Team Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1334
From: Stockholm (Sweden)


From the linked Freescale page above:

MPC8641D Dual Core Processor
Freescale has leveraged its expertise in building high-performance PowerPC® processors and highly integrated communications processors to design the MPC8641D Dual Core Processor. This processor integrates two e600 PowerPC cores, two memory controllers, Ethernet controllers, a RapidIO® fabric interface, a PCI Express I/O interface, and a high performance MPX bus that scales to 667 MHz. It's one powerful processor, but it doesn't break the power budget starting at 15 Watts.

The MPC8641D supports flexible software implementations: symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and Asymmetric multiprocessing. With SMP, one operating system runs on both cores, but from a programming perspective, it appears that the developer is writing a program for a single core. With Asymmetric multiprocessing, two instances of the same operating system or two entirely separate operating systems can be run on the two cores, largely unaware of each other.

To read more look here

Related Features
Dual Core Architecture Disclosure Press Release
High Performance Processors Presentation
MPC8641D Fact Sheet
MPC7448 Fact Sheet
PowerPC SoC Platform

MPC8641 Processor
The MPC8641 is a single core version of the dual core processor with the same level of peripheral integration - but at a lower power point. This processor is an excellent option for developers needing additional processing provided by the e600 core combined with integrated memory controllers and high-speed interfaces. It is also pin-for-pin compatible with the dual core processor.

MPC7448 Processor
The MPC7448 represents another performance leap in Freescale's discrete processor line. It provides more than 1.5GHz processing power, increased L2 cache (1MB), and a higher-speed bus than its predecessors. It is also pin-for-pin and software compatible with the MPC74xx processors - an easy drop-in to those existing designs. But the MPC7448 keeps the power low, able to consume less than 10 Watts running at 1.4 GHz.

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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 28-Sep-2004 17:05:13
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-Mar-2003
Posts: 5210
From: Ylikiiminki, Finland

- KimmoK
// For freedom, for honor, for AMIGA
// Thing that I should find more time for: CC64 - 64bit Community Computer?

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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 28-Sep-2004 17:32:14
#3 ]
Team Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1334
From: Stockholm (Sweden)


7448 Factsheet

8641D Factsheet

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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 28-Sep-2004 19:59:14
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2004
Posts: 989
From: Cambridge

8641D specs (there is also a pin-compatible single core version):

2 X e600 PowerPC cores at 1.5GHz (or greater) each.
1MB cache per core with ECC
2 X 64b DDR-II memory controllers, 667MHz with ECC
2 X PCI Express
4 X 1Gbit Ethernet "MACs" with hardware acceleration
1 X RapidIO

Power consumption: 15 - 25Watts.
Technology: 90nm silicon-on-insulator


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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 29-Sep-2004 4:21:32
# ]

So, the dual core, second half 2005? Gee, no one's dragging their feet, are they? Hope grandma's still alive in second quarter 2006.

Anyhow, by then, the G5 at 2.0 GHz or higher should be available at a reasonable price. Good luck freescale losers.

AmigaTwo! AOS5.0! G5!!! 2.0GHz+!!! 64 bit!!! Woooo-Hoooo!!!!

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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 29-Sep-2004 7:25:22
#6 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-Mar-2003
Posts: 5210
From: Ylikiiminki, Finland

Amigas are the only computers that require: "Reliability 10 yrs at 105°C"

Thanks to efficient coders.

PC geeks are forced to upgrade their machine 5 times in that period.

Btw. do they give any reliability rating to P4 CPUs at all?

- KimmoK
// For freedom, for honor, for AMIGA
// Thing that I should find more time for: CC64 - 64bit Community Computer?

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Re: Freescale to demo seven processors at confab
Posted on 29-Sep-2004 15:46:23
#7 ]
Team Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1334
From: Stockholm (Sweden)


[Warning, straight from the Freescale site]

Breaking New Ground with a Dual Core PowerPC? Processor

Virtually everything we do in this modern society requires processing. Processors sit in our desktop computers, the servers that store our data, and the routers and switches that connect the networks. More and more is being asked of these processors as new and improved applications and services are deployed.

Equipment designers are seeking new ways to build in this additional processing power. But there's a hitch?the additional processing power can't come at the price of higher power consumption. Our MPC8641D Dual Core Processor solves the problem by integrating two processor cores into a streamlined package. This latest processor containing PowerPC? cores can help our customers find an ideal balance of performance and power for their embedded designs.
A Quantum Leap in Performance
Although upgrading to higher frequency processors is a common method for increasing system performance, processors that provide higher frequencies also come with much higher power numbers. Another way to add processing is to add chips. However, while putting two processors in a design can double the overall system performance, it also doubles the power (not to mention the extra board real estate required).

The MPC8641D Dual Core Processor is engineered to deliver breakthrough performance, connectivity and integration for embedded networking and pervasive computing applications. The MPC8641D embeds two e600 PowerPC cores that provide more than 1.5 GHz processing performance each. In addition, the MPC8641D offers substantially more L2 cache than is available from our current processors containing PowerPC cores (an increase to 1 MB), enabling fast and efficient processing.

But performance improvements in our dual core architecture don't stop with high-performance cores. Memory subsystems have historically been a bottleneck in high-end processing systems. Recent developments in memory technology have enabled high transfer rates with technologies such as DDR (Double Data Rate) and DDR2?and with the MPC8641D's integrated dual memory controllers, designers now have low-latency, high-bandwidth access to these high-performance memories.

Efficiency Expert
As the cores and memories get faster, the surrounding system logic bus may be the limiting factor of performance. The MPC8641D architecture solves the bus bottleneck by integrating this functionality on-chip. The high-bandwidth integrated MPX bus scales to 667 MHz and can deliver more than three times the performance of an external bus. Pulling the majority of the system logic on-chip also reduces board design complexity and offers ?compatibility? protection in the sense that the logic is truly integrated by one vendor on the device.

Having the one-two punch of dual cores is only as effective as the amount of data you can provide the cores to process. High-bandwidth interfaces into and out of the chip are critical. That?s why the MPC8641D integrates four Ethernet media access controllers (MACs) that support 10/100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet. This interface hardware block can perform packet parsing and classification at wirespeed, which substantially offloads the cores and accelerates networking tasks.

In addition, the MPC8641D includes a RapidIO® serial fabric interface for system connectivity?ideal for connecting MPC8641D processors and peripherals in high-performance distributed systems, including AdvancedTCA® platforms. Integrating these types of interfaces on the MPC8641D reduces latency while also reducing overall board costs by eliminating external buses and bridges.

Embedded Friendly

The MPC8641D is one powerful processor, but it doesn?t break the power budget. Offering a range of voltages, the MPC8641D?s performance/power can be tuned to the application requirements. Plus there are low-power benefits built into the 90 nm technology and support for 10-year reliability at 105°C.

The MPC8641D dual core processor leverages our expertise in building high-performance PowerPC processors and highly integrated communications processors. Its balanced offering of performance and power can help developers meet?and triumph over?their embedded design challenges.

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