FxPaint 2.0 Demo Available

Date 3-Feb-2003 14:06:41
Topic: Software News

IOSPIRIT: fxPAINT 2.0 demoversion completed Link
Posted on 30-Jan-2003 15:33 GMT by IOSPIRIT 6 IOSPIRIT is pleased to present you today a demo version of fxPAINT 2.0 - immediately available through their download section

Limitations/specialities of the demo version:

- saving is disabled
- DEMO-text on every image
- the demo version is noticably slower than the full version
- a small refresh bug due to the DEMO-text-effect when zooming is lower than 100 percent. This bug ONLY exists in the demo version
- some features of the full version are missing completly or are disabled

The demo version comes with all native modules for 68K, PPC (WarpUP, PowerUP, MorphOS) and x86 (Amithlon) and gives you - except for the limitations of the demo - an impression and some insight of fxPAINT 2.0.

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