Latest version of OS4 SB128 driver and OS4 Mixer on

Date 9-Oct-2004 16:02:28
Topic: Software News

The latest versions of the OS4 SB128 driver by Ross Vumbaca and the OS4 Mixer by Davy Wentzler have been uploaded to

Read More for features.

New features of the SB128 driver 5.21 over the original driver included with the Pre-Release include:

- Support for the ES1370, all SB128 cards are now supported!

- Cache fixes

- Hardware is now reset when you perform a warm reboot

- Other minor bug fixes

All people using the SB128 driver should update to this version.

The new features of the Mixer 1.11 over the original supplied with the Pre-Release:

- New support for the ES1370

- Mixer can now be used as a Commodity

- Other bug fixes

Additionally, the OS4 CMI8738 driver has been succesfully tested with the Terratec Aureon Fun audio card.

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