Soms3d Alpha-Engine Relased

Date 2-Nov-2004 14:05:55
Topic: Software News

The Anime Development for Amiga Team relased a AlphaDemo of their Silenthill like PPC game Soms3d at

It Requires a PPC/Warpos(Compatible) System and a 3d Graphicscard with Warp3d(Compatible).

This is a Pre Alpha demo of our soms3d GFX Engine! All you can do at this time is run around and look at the nice gfx ;). There are a lot of things we have to do/optimize at this time.
Oh, and DONT FORGET: Play this Game in the DARK!


You need a PPC processor, a 3D gaphicscard, WarpOS(Compatible), AHI and a minimum of 64MB ram.

Works on:
Bvision, CBision, Voodoo3, Voodoo5

Won't work on:
Cybervision64 3d, Voodoo4(Morphos only(?))

Not tested yet:
Radeon xxxx

Start soms-engine, choose a start level.
You can change between 3 Levels in-game by pressing F1 = Outside, F2 = Darkhouse, F3 = The Room.
If you want to alter the configuration (such as mouse speed or resolution eca), edit the Config.cgf file.

Cursorkeys = stear
F10 = screenshot
Mouse = look around
esc = quit
shift = speedrun
IF some texture errors or Zbuffer errors occur, free up more memory!

A bit to quiet SFX, rise your Volume!
Sometimes the engine Freezes without a reason or it crashs while changing the levels.
In that case you can use the program wosdb (look in the main dir) like this "wosdb soms-engine"
A window will appear where it asks you to type in something. Type g and press return. After that the engine starts. The next time the engine crashes wosdb will print out some debug infos. Please send them to us ([12][0]) with your systemconfig and a description of when and where the error occurs.
You also can take a Screenshot (Screenshot.ppm)by pressing F10 and send it to us (please pack with lha, lzx, zip or something else.)

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