A1200/600 Wireless Networking Package from AmigaKit.com

Date 9-Nov-2004 22:03:04
Topic: Announcement

The PC and Mac have had wireless networking for a while now. Now the Amiga 1200 can join in!

AmigaKit.com's latest networking product is NETPCM010- the PCMCIA wireless network card.

If you have a wireless broadband modem in your home, you can pick up the internet with this card without running miles of cable around the house.

This card is "WiFi" 802.11b compliant and can allow you to connect wirelessly to other wirelessly enabled computers such as PCs, laptops and Airport-enabled Macs and Powerbooks. Now you can exchange data with them easier.

To learn more about this card visit AmigaKit.com website at http://www.amigakit.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=121

They are in stock now.

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