Bars N Pipes (1.24) released

Date 15-Nov-2004 13:50:05
Topic: Software News

Alfred Faust has released v1.24 of the Midi Sequencing program Bars N Pipes for the Amiga.
(MOS is at v1.05 atm).

Changes include:

Ver. 1.23 (16.01.2004)
  • bugs removed:
    1. reason for the crash when loading some original Accessories removed.

    For this completely recompiled.

Ver. 1.24 (10.11.2004)
  • added:
    1. Choosing the backgroundcolor of a trackname, which is saved within the song

  • New:
    Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more.

Download Bars'N'Pipes 1.24 (801KB LHA)

Visit Alfreds homepage for more information.

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