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Date 20-Nov-2004 14:51:41
Topic: Announcement


There are many talented coders out there, many of whom would like to write software for OS4 but are unable to afford the necessary hardware. As a result, OS4 is loosing these talented coders, and loosing possible software development which would help further the platform. This problem was discussed here at in the following Topic

Amiga Dev Box intends to address this problem. Amiga Dev Box is a community initiative designed to partner the developer without OS 4 with a tester who has an Amiga One/OS 4 box. The tester can either lend them the box or allow the developer remote access to build at an agreed time (or run commands to build themselves). The tester provides the SDK autodocs on CD to the developer and between them they get a product to release.
This is a private agreement between the Developer and the Tester, Amiga Dev Box simply provides a way of posting your details so both parties can meet and come to an agreement.

Status reports on apps being ported will be added to the site as things progress.

Many Thanks

The Amiga Dev Box Team.

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