New TvR for TV tuner in Mediator

Date 27-Nov-2004 12:50:07
Topic: Software News

A new version of the TvR program by Robert Krajcarz is now available. This program enables control of any TV tuner PCI card working in the Elbox Mediator.

Hardware requirements:
? Amiga with a Mediator PCI busboard
? Any TV tuner PCI card working in Mediator
? (Optional) SoundBlaster PCI128 sound card
? (Optional) TV tuner remote control unit

TvR allows seeking radio/TV stations, composing a TV program list, tuning TV screen parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation), switching channels, changing TV window size (from 10% of the standard TV size to fullscreen), selecting video source (TV/CINCH/SVHS), switching between sound modes (mono, stereo) and controlling volume. In the fullscreen mode, TvR provides OSD (On Screen Display) for the performed functions. Stopping (freezing) TV frames and saving TV screenshots to the hard drive is also supported.

You can operate the program from the GUI, from the keyboard, or from the remote control unit, which is also supported.

Click on the workbench image to
the right to enlarge it.

Click here to see the original
1024 x 768 screenshot (678kbytes).

Changes in ver. 2.5 and 2.6 of TvR:
? minimising sound cracks when TV programs are switched
? closing the TV window automatically switches on the radio mode
? hiding the mouse pointer in FULLSCREEN
? saving the TV window position
? saving single frames
? correcting the SVHS input operation
? the F4 key used for changing colour coding systems
? expansion of skin management procedures
? adding keyboard control for frame stopping

TvR 2.6 is available for downlod at Skins for TvR are available at

The program page (in Polish only) is located on PPA news sevice at

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