DiscreetFX seeks Hardware/Software Engineers

Date 1-Dec-2004 9:12:51
Topic: Announcement

DiscreetFX Seeking Talented Hardware/Software Engineers For Contract Work

Chicago, Illinois ? December 1st, 2004 -- Visual FX company DiscreetFX LLC Inc., is now accepting bids on two new Amiga/MorphOS projects and is seeking talented Amiga/MorphOS Engineers.

Project #1 US0: This will be a USB to Amiga Floppy drive interface including software driver/plug-in for WinUAE and if required Amiga OS & MorphOS. Engineer will design hardware and determine what software drivers will need to be coded. If possible drive designation will be user selectable from DF0-DF3: An external Amiga floppy drive will be required.

Project # 2 AmiWire & MorphWire: Firewire stack for AmigaOS & MorphOS. Software developer will need to create a Firewire stack that works with AmigaOne running Amiga OS 4.0, Pegasos II running MorphOS and Mediator PCI with a PCI Firewire card on classic Amiga systems.

DiscreetFX will finance the development of both of these projects to completion based on the contractors that win the bid for the jobs. Contractors will be reviewed based on programming/hardware development skills and an agreed upon price for their work. The winning bidder may not be the lowest bidder. Previous Amiga/MorphOS experience will also be strongly examined. Bids from the USA, Europe, Poland, Russia, Worldwide are accepted and welcome. When projects are complete they will be sold on the DiscreetFX website with royalty payments going to contractors for each sale. This is in addition to the agreed upon payment made to start and complete the projects. DiscreetFX will retain the rights to AmiWire. MorphWire, & US0: but will share profits from each sale with contractors. If contractors do a nice job they will be considered for further work and projects. Interested developers should contact DiscreetFX @ hr ?at? -discreetfx- ?dot- com

About DiscreetFX

DiscreetFX has been creating software products for the Amiga, video editing, computer generated graphics (CGI) industry since 1995. The Amiga computer defined and created the video editing, computer graphics market with its birth in 1985. DiscreetFX creates Real-time transitions and effects seen on over 100 television programs including Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates and more! You can also see DiscreetFX software used on the following networks HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, PBS, Fox and many more.

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