SimpleMail (v0.19) released and new NListTree (18.16) for MUI

Date 9-Feb-2003 0:25:43
Topic: Software News

SimpleMail Version 0.19 has recently been released.

The changes since 0.18 are:
PGP works again as it did (encrypt/decrypt)
moving through mails updates their state again (Bernd Gollesch)
proper secodary sort support (Bernd Gollesch)
Can read signed S/MIME mails properly (displaing them at least, needs AmiSSL)
importing the addressbook of YAM works for newer versions too

Other bug fixes
SimpleMail is a mailer for the Amiga classic platform but it is intended to be as portable as possible...

New versions (18.16) of NListree MUI Custom Classes released.

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