New PowerC Products for the Amiga 1200

Date 23-Dec-2004 18:03:42
Topic: Hardware News

ACK Software Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce two new products for the Amiga 1200. The first product is a Freescale 8245 based CPU card clocked at 400 MHz.

The card will have a SODIMM slot for memory expansion and also includes a Silicon Images 680 IDE controller and a Radeon Mobility graphics chip. This CPU card will fit in standard A1200 cases, but a towered system is recommended.

The second product is a modular busboard and CPU combination for use with towered A1200 machines. The bus board features an AGP 1X slot and three PCI slots. Additional features of the busboard include two DDR DIMM slots for memory expansion, a Silicon Images 680 IDE controller, onboard USB and ethernet. The CPU card will initially be a 750CXe product, but other CPUs will be available.

Both products will ship with an OEM version ofOS4 and contain a version of U-Boot as the firmware. Products are presently in prototype form running Linux and will be available in Q1 2005.

Additional information will follow in the new year.


Adam Kowalczyk

ACK Software Controls, Inc.


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